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Bubba and Butler | 07.24.14

Another day, another new high in the S&P. There is no stopping this bull train, the bulls have total control. News, whether economic or Geopolitical, has no effect. For now the market wants to go up and the market is … Continue reading

Bubba and Butler | 07.23.14

Markets continue to be able to shrug of all news in the world. Unrest in Russia and the Mideast have no impact on the financial markets. Buyers line up to plunk their money down without regard. The legend and the … Continue reading

Bubba and Butler | 07.21.14

After Thursday’s big sell off the markets bounced right back on Friday, indicating they still are not ready to go down. The markets are on edge and are looking for a reason to sell, however the dip buyers are still … Continue reading

Bubba and Butler | 07.18.14

On Thursday a Malaysian Airline plane was shot down, a terrible tragedy being investigated as to whether it was intentional or a target. There have been many reports on who is responsible. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those … Continue reading