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Is QE Working In The European Union?

When Mario Draghi announced last fall he was going to take out the big stick and do whatever was necessary to get Europe back on track everyone assumed the declining Euro would lead to increased exports, which would translate into the end of deflation. Continue reading

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They’re Back; Subprimes Are In Vogue Again

Maybe this time will be different. The last time subprime loans dominated the credit market we had a slight hiccup. Ok, it was more than a slight mistake, the banking system collapsed and the greatest financial crisis in eighty years … Continue reading

Someone Likes A Strong Dollar

Last week the big Banks were squawking they were losing a competitive advantage because the strong dollar was putting them in an adverse position versus weaker banks around the world. Continue reading

What Is Going On Here?

On Tuesday Crude Oil rallied almost 12%, its biggest rally in fifteen years. The energy markets had reached a low and it was time to buy. On Wednesday the same news that saw energy rally was now negative and Crude gave back almost all of its gain. Continue reading

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Business News Network – The Close

Bond markets were closed in Canada and the United States Tuesday for Remembrance Day, while equity markets remained open. Todd Horwitz, Founder of, tells The Close this is a “dangerous” situation for traders and retail investors. He also weighs … Continue reading