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Is The Rotation A Sign Of Things To Come?

When markets reach extremes you see investors decide to change strategies. At the bottom most investors have the majority of their money invested in the defensive stocks. They are not the high flyers; they are the ones that churn out … Continue reading

How Significant Was Friday’s Key Reversal?

Friday’s release of the job number was met with aggressive buying as the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed for the first time since the start of the Great Recession enough jobs had been added to replace the 8.8 million jobs … Continue reading

Are High Speed Traders Stealing From Investors?

On Sunday March 30, 2014 former trader Michael Lewis appear on CBS Sixty Minutes, and derided High Frequency Traders (HFT) on Wall Street claiming they have “rigged” the stock market. He maintains strategies that have been developed in the past … Continue reading

Is Bill Gross Losing His Mojo?

1994 was the last time the huge wealth management fund Pacific Investment Management Fund, better known as Pimco, had a loser. For the next twenty years it was pretty much lollipops and sunshine. While other funds suffered during the Great … Continue reading

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