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What Are The Big Banks Living Wills?

The Bankers and the Fed constantly go back and forth between their love-hate relationship. The banks have loved the Fed for the past five years as they have seen their balance sheets swell from all of the free money they … Continue reading

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Bubba and Butler | 08.20.14

Second verse same as the first, another rally. We should not be surprised that the market rallied again on Tuesday. We have been warning for days that a market that lacks volume and volatility figures to rally. Dull markets that … Continue reading

Bubba and Butler | 08.19.14

As I wrote yesterday the markets are thin and volume is light. As much as I believe we should be sellers of this rally, it has gone farther than I thought. The 1940 level did not put a thought in … Continue reading

Bubba and Butler | 08.18.14

Although the bulls are in full charge here the bears are anxiously awaiting their time to pound on this market. On Friday we saw a little glimpse of what the bears are waiting for. The markets dropped 200 DOW points … Continue reading

Bubba and Butler | 08.15.14

The bulls have taken back charge of the markets here. After last Friday mornings plunge the Matadors have been out waving their red capes as the bulls are running wild. Our overall opinion has not changed, we will look for … Continue reading

Bubba and Butler | 08.14.14

Once again bad news propels the markets higher. Wednesday The Retail Sales numbers were released, Macy’s missed earnings badly and the markets rallied. If nothing else that shows you the power of cheap money, The FED and dull markets. Our … Continue reading