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Santa Is Back

Fed Chair Janet Yellen said this week policy makers are likely to hold key rates near zero, at least through the first quarter, even as the U.S. economy strengthens. Continue reading

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Santa Is Here After All

Kremlin insiders took a gamble last year when they decided they could afford to pay the price to annex Crimea. It was a bad choice and now they must pay the piper. What could Putin have been thinking? Your cousin … Continue reading

Dip Buyers Heaven

The economic news overnight was very grim. The Chinese equities market suffered its worst day in five years after the government announced it wouldn’t allow certain lower-rated bonds to be used as collateral for short-term loans. That triggered panic selling … Continue reading

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Business News Network – The Close

Bond markets were closed in Canada and the United States Tuesday for Remembrance Day, while equity markets remained open. Todd Horwitz, Founder of, tells The Close this is a “dangerous” situation for traders and retail investors. He also weighs … Continue reading