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Does your portfolio include gold and silver? Many experts believe a well-rounded portfolio should have both — here’s why.

Does your financial adviser strongly encourage a well-diversified investment portfolio, yet miserably fail to include gold and silver options? Further, do you find it suspect that your financial adviser is “invested” in offering products and services endorsed exclusively by his or her company?

If financial adviser agencies are authentically interested in helping you create a “well-diversified investment portfolio,” why don’t they recommend physical precious metals? The answer is simple…

They don’t want you to become your own financial adviser

If you invest in gold and silver, you no longer need a financial adviser. You become your own financial adviser. This means you would no longer be a slave to annual account fees or financial adviser commissions. Essentially, you would be securing your retirement independently. For this reason, financial advisers present every reason why you should only invest in their companies’ products and/or services.

A free-thinking, self-directed investor equates to less revenue for a financial adviser and his or her company. Additionally, investments made through a financial adviser are entirely dependent on stock market performance. The stock market is controlled and manipulated through inflation caused by the unconstitutional Federal Reserve.

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I smell a rat – and it’s a deceptive little thief

The Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) keeps printing money from thin air while claiming it’s paying off national debt. Because US currency is not backed by any physical asset (such as gold or silver), the value of every dollar it prints is just as worthless as the paper it’s printed on.

Are you starting to understand why investments backed by paper money and the volatile stock market are not sustainable? Do you see the lies and market manipulation taking place? The Fed is trying to justify our ever-increasing national debt by printing worthless paper money that supposedly pays for the debt. This is blatant deception at its finest – an absolute disgrace to our nation’s constitution.

There’s a reason the founding fathers of America specifically mentioned gold and silver in the Constitution. A significant factor that caused the American Revolution, and independence from England, was that the American colonists didn’t want anything to do with England’s central banking system. Now that’s something you won’t hear on your nightly news. Speaking of which, can you even trust the news anymore?

Fake news wants you to believe half-truths and lies

The stock market is at an all-time high and it appears as though our economy is booming. Mainstream news outlets say the job market is improving and unemployment is down. They claim the US dollar is strong and we should carry on with our 9-to-5 life as is, questioning nothing. On the contrary, we urge you to question everything.

If you carefully observe the deceptive tactics of mainstream media, which is owned and operated by the global banking industry, you’ll clearly see the ugly truth hidden in plain sight. They brainwash our minds with fake news stories in attempt to convince us of a “healthy economy.” Their “stories” are filled with “studies” and “official” statistics. But just like fiat paper currency, their stories are usually backed by nothing.

Mainstream news is polluted with lies. These lies are cleverly designed to keep people repeating the same financial patterns of the past. It’s no secret how fake news channels have recently been exposed. In fact, US President Donald Trump had the courage to call out several news networks for their fabricated news segments. This comes as no surprise since Donald Trump is the first president since John F. Kennedy to mention abolishing the unconstitutional Federal Reserve.

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The US dollar is backed by nothing

As the US dollar becomes increasingly worthless, so will common retirement options that depend on the health of the US dollar. Stock market investments, mutual funds, Roth IRAs and 401Ks will all be affected when the inflation bubble bursts and the market collapses.

These investment options are all backed by fiat paper money. The truth is that paper money is printed out of thin air — essentially, this means any investments that rely on the health of the US dollar are backed by nothing. Do you want to continue trusting what the nightly news and politicians say, or are you ready to take back the financial power that was stolen from you?

Only you are in control of your retirement investments

It’s time to take the financial power back into your hands. You can no longer rely on the government to provide for you. Before, if you worked 30 or even 40 years at the same company (baby boomer generation); you were set for life with social security and quite possibly even a pension.

Because both social security and pensions will soon cease to exist, current and future generations are left with no choice but to secure their own secure retirement investments.

Secure a well-diversified investment portfolio that’s backed by gold

There are many innovative methods to setting yourself up for financial freedom and a secure retirement. From gold-backed IRAs to physical bullion, there are options for every investor. Your financial adviser would never mention these options. In fact, your financial adviser wants to keep you far away from gold and precious metals-backed investments.

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In conclusion, always remember this

A well-diversified investment portfolio means just that: diversity. If your financial adviser only recommends his or her company’s investment options but neglects gold and other precious metals, how is that diverse? Looks more like biased, doesn’t it? The Fed and global banking system keep this information hidden from the general public. It’s in their best interest to keep investors’ money in the volatile stock market. However, an educated, well-researched investor will be able to see through all their dirty little secrets.

For this reason, we encourage you to continue educating yourself financially. Focus on creating physical assets and eliminating financial liabilities. Precious metals are some of the most stable physical assets to include in your investment strategies.

Are you ready to secure a well-diversified investment portfolio in a volatile economy?

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