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(RTTNews) – United Airlines continues to be in the news for its poor customer service. This time, a passenger has claimed she was not allowed to use the restroom during a recent flight and was instead told to pee in a cup.

Nicole Harper, a nurse from Kansas City, said that while on a United Airlines flight from Houston to Kansas City, she tried to use the restroom while the “fasten seat belt” light was on.

However, the flight attendants refused to let her get out of her seat and use the bathroom until the seat belt sign was turned off by the captain.

Harper, a mother of two, explained to the flight attendants that she had an overactive bladder her entire life and needed to use either the restroom or a cup to pee.

Harper was then handed a cup by the flight attendants, who later also said that they would be filing a report and that she would have to speak to the pilot after the plane landed.

She was also informed by the flight attendants that they would have to call a biohazard team to clean the row of seats where she used the cup.

“There was just no customer service, no compassion,” Harper said.

According to Harper, the incident happened on April 9, the same day that 69-year-old David Dao was injured when he was being forcibly removed from an overbooked United flight before it departed from Chicago.

United Airlines said it has reached out to Harper “to better understand what occurred.”

This Article Was Originally From *This Site*