Stock tips: The shares that will bring cheer in 2018 –

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From a challenger bank to a global oil titan, a brick company to an airline, The Sunday Telegraph business team tip the hottest stocks to back in 2018. 

Ben Wright: Relx

There are three options when tipping a stock for a short period like a year. You can go for a company that has had a recent shocker but whose fortunes are about to turn or you can pick a stock that has shot up like a rocket in recent months but has yet to reach its zenith.

The trouble with these options is that they are essentially a judgment about market sentiment, which is notoriously difficult to time. The third option is to plump for one of those firms that consistently grind out good but unspectacular returns and grow by making small, well-chosen and well-executed acquisitions.

There are surprisingly few UK companies to which this description applies – Bunzl, Compass, Experian, Sage and Relx for example. Traditionally…

This Article Was Originally From *This Site*